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People are more important than hardware. Quality is more important than quantity. I learned these leadership concepts in the military and use them as guiding principles. I believe in taking care of people and joining forces with those who hold themselves to the highest standards.


I have more than 20 years of dynamic leadership in Navy Special Operations, academia, and private industry. I am an expert leader with a strong foundation of three industry pillars: military, business, and academics. I have served as an executive-level coach at private companies along with teaching management and business courses at a university.


My strengths include training, coaching, and motivating leaders to realize transformative business and organizational results. My special skill is the ability to assemble empowered diverse teams. I have built highly diverse and effective United States and Partner Nation Special Operations units as well as high-performing teams in the private sector. I assembled a dynamic leadership team at an oil and gas company that doubled the EBITDA and increased revenues from $300M to $400M in less than one year.


I established True North Horizon because I want to change the dynamics and create better leaders to shape businesses. I challenge CEOs, business owners, and executives to remove limits and overcome obstacles so their companies can experience accelerated growth. I push hard and hold people accountable, but we also have fun.


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